Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Technology Sucks!



Today was all about technology for me. It started out with waking up to my alarm. I went to bed expecting to wake up to my Flash Alert telling me school was closed and I could sleep in. Flash Alert is an automated system that teachers are required to sign up for that sends us a text or e-mail message notifying us of school closures. So imagine my surprise when I got up this morning to a blanket of snow and no text. Huh, must be an oversight, I'll check the district web site.

Hmm, the website is down. Ok, I'll check the TV. A quick scroll through the local stations confirmed my sadness. My dreams of snowmen and hot cocoa melted quicker than the whipped cream on said cocoa as I drug my sad ass to the shower. Out of the shower and a text to a friend confirmed that there was no cancellation. We agreed to ride together in my Subaru because my car is the snowplow and it has butt heat. I headed back to the bathroom to do my hair.

The phone rang. Who the heck would be calling me. It was the school secretary implementing the phone tree. Apparently all technology had failed and she was notifying us of the school closure for the day. Woohoo! Snow Day back on, technology failed!

I kicked off my shoes, turned off my flat iron and poured myself another cup of coffee. (Of course not before doing my duty and calling the next person on the phone tree list) About 15 minutes later my district showed up on the TV screen crawl of school closures. About an hour later my text finally arrived telling me of my snow day. Had I not gotten the old school technology phone call and I would have been at school before that damn text ever came. Good thing I never got rid of that land line!

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