Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Schmo!

Quit talking about it people. Oregon snow does not like to be prepared for. It doesn't like to be hyped. It sneaks in with little warning. The sky turns that trademark purple and it snows. Weather people scratch their heads in wonder. Where did it come from, why didn't we see it?

Because it is Oregon snow. It's magical and much like all things Oregon, it can't be told what to do.

So quit friggin talking about it. I believe in you Oregon snow. I shall wait for you to bring me my snow day when you are ready. I have faith in you. Snow days will come if you just believe. Patience my friends, patience and faith....snow days will come.


  1. Glad your patience paid off today! Your snow day was granted!!
    Love watching the little flakes fall. Ahhh winter!

  2. I know. I am a snow junkie! Rogue and I spent about 30 minutes outside today. He looks so white until I get him in the snow!