Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dogs love Fall

Today we went for a nice Fall hike out at my Mom's place. I honestly can't remember the last time I hiked out there. We got up early (thanks to the return to standard time), went out to breakfast, grocery shopped and still had beautiful weather before 10:00am. So Stafford suggested we take the dogs out.

We agreed to meet at the farm in just a few minutes. Of course, this being Oregon, the few minutes was all it took to take a beautiful blue sky and cover it with foreboding black clouds. We managed to beat the rain for the majority of the time, but for the last stretch we pretty much tested the water resistant capacity of all our clothing.

However, the dogs, all three of them were enjoying every minute of it. Sure, they'd soak up as much water as their coats could take and then you'd hear the jingling of the collar as they shook the excess off. For about 100 yards it sounded somewhat like a church bell choir as the tinkling of tags was almost synchronized.

Even though we got a little wet, it was still a great reminder of the beauty of where we live and how much I love my Mom's place. As we got back to the truck, the sky was clearing again and the sun was heating up the pavement on our drive back. Sometimes taking a break for a brief hike in the rain is all it takes to put a new perspective on all of our minds. I think Rogue's face sums up the feelings of the day.

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  1. What a happy guy! Loved seeing all the pix on FB too.