Monday, July 7, 2014

Change in the air

July is a big month for the Ross family. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the 29th. I have no idea how in the world that ever passed by so quickly. That will be the subject of a later post.

The bigger news is that after 16 years in our starter home, we have decided to entertain the idea of moving on. Our street has become busier and we have just decided it is time for a change for us. The problem with this idea is that we have not done much around here other than minor improvements over the past few years. This includes some pretty bold paint colors. We have also, let the yard go to chaos and the back deck has long outlived it's lifespan. So we have quite the project list out before us.

We got a good start on it last weekend, but I certainly did not think when I ordered the tiny dumpster. Wednesday the large one will arrive and that should make short work of getting the deck and all the yard trimming I did all weekend out of the yard and into the dumpster. That will also allow for us to get going on returning the majority of our back yard to grass. Since we live in a nice family neighborhood and in the boundaries of two of the best schools in town, we hope that the bigger lawn will attract buyers.

So, I suspect over the next few weeks I will be typing out my frustration and experiences as Sean and I move into the uncharted territory of house sellers and buyers. When we moved in here it was a one stop shopping experience which is why we jumped on it. I'm nervous and hopeful that we can make this happen kind of quickly, since we have our eye on a diamond in the rough property that we'd love to move into sooner rather than later. Time will tell. As my brother told me "your house will sell for what someone will pay for it on any given day."  I hope this day is soon and the price is enough to get us where we want to go. I guess it's time to put away the computer and get back to work. My worker gnomes have yet to have appeared even though I wish for them daily.