Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Into the fog

As I look out the window this morning, I can't see much farther than the midpoint of our tree lined yard. Today is not a day we live above the fog line. But it is the first day of Thanksgiving break for me and I am thankful none the less for where I find myself sitting at 7:24am on a Tuesday morning in November.

It was just about a year ago exactly that we moved up the hill from our 16 year starter home, to serenity. There has not been a single moment that I have regretted that choice. I miss living across the street from my sister, but that is the extent of my regret.

Last weekend I spent two days feeding a deer apples in my yard. Less than half a mile up the road is McDonald forest. Next door is the sweetest old couple I've known since Ed and Audrey. We live in good people country with nature at the door. Annie has never been happier. Neither have her parents.

Life outside these walls is challenging. School has become an unrecognizable zone this year. Can I just chalk it up to a really bad year, or is it the new normal? The jury is out. I know I can't keep going like it is, but change is hard and in my heart of hearts I love what I do. Sean has deadlines and is pulled in so many directions. Life outside these walls is challenging.

But every night as I drive home, as I turn up the hill and head into the neighborhood, I feel the day float into the mist and I am so thankful to be home.