Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoom Zoom

That is the sound of summer flying by. I'm not really sure where it is going. I sure don't have much to show for it. My massive to do list remains undone. Little progress has been made. I've had lots of lunches out, many walks ending at a coffee shop and three great camping trips. There was the anniversary weekend at the coast full of fun memories, the sale of my beloved Subaru and the purchase of our new Honda Pilot (named Tiny). I've eaten lots of blueberries and generally had some good times.

Barrel to Keg was a blast this year. Unfortunately, my foot did not feel the same so I've spent the past 3 weeks in physical therapy and off running. So far, it feels much better and I was even allowed on the treadmill for 3 whole minutes of running this morning. I act like it was a piece of cake, and for my foot it was. But my cardio, well...that's an entirely different story. Why is it one can run multiple times a week, compete in a 69 mile relay less than 3 weeks ago, and after only 17 days of not running, I can barely maintain a jog for 3 minutes without falling off the treadmill dead? Aging, man it's a bitch!

This weekend is another in the Epic running life of Sean and Stafford. They will be competing in the 216 mile Cascade Lakes Relay. As if 216 miles isn't challenging enough with a team of 12 people, they are on an ultra team this year meaning there are only 6 of them. Crazy as shit. I just don't get it. I guess that is what separates me from the rest of my family. I like to run for fun. I don't like to run if it is too much work and I don't care if I'm running a 9:45 or a 10:15 min mile. If it feels good I'm happy. If it doesn't, I don't want to do it. Sometimes I wonder if I was just born into the wrong family and I sometimes get tired of all the running talk. I don't ever feel good enough to be part of it and it just generally irritates me. Running or exercising in general is something that should make you feel better about yourself, not worse.  That's why I love my running partners Annie and Melinda. I never feel like I'm anything less than good enough when I run with them. Plus it usually ends in coffee. Win win!

One thing I have perfected this summer is procrastination. I'm supposed to be working in the office. Well, the soon to be former office that is. After completely dismantling my grad school work space, I decided I want to turn the no longer necessary office into a home gym. We have lots of fun workout stuff but no good space to do it. I'm super excited. My work in there is pretty much done, the problem now is Sean's collection of things in there. Think, every computer part he's ever had. That boy can't part with electronics. I have my own vices mind you, so we won't talk about the other rooms in this house, I just need that room cleaned so I can finish up the transformation. I'm sure it's going to be so inspiring that I'll be a candidate for the hot tamale train in no time.

I guess, that space isn't going to finish itself. Believe me, I've given it multiple opportunities to do so all summer so I better go kick it in it's ass and get it going. I've got some fat to burn!