Sunday, November 28, 2010

Laying down rubber at PIR!

This was the scene at the Winter Wonderland Lights Fun Run held at Portland International Raceway on Saturday night. It was a total blast. They put together a fancy drive through lights show all over the race track and for either 2, 4 or 6 miles depending upon how many laps you wanted to do, you could run right through the holiday joy. I opted for 4 while Sean tackled 6.

I've been to PIR many times before. This was the first time I got out on the track though and I'm sure there is little chance that I set any type of a course record. Although, now that I think about it I can say I set a P/R for the course. Especially since this was an inaugural event!

While the biggest challenge of this course was staying warm and dodging families with strollers, toddlers, or wagon sleighs pulled by dogs in sweaters, it was still one of the most fun events I have done. I ran it with my friend Olivia and her dog Hurley who not only sported a green argyle sweater but a pink tutu as well. While it was fast for me, she was at a nice easy pace which allowed her to talk the entire time keeping my mind off the cold and wet that was the evening. The lights were cool to run through too, especially since I am a Christmas Junkie. I love all things Christmas.

In addition to the lights, there were loads of people dressed up in holiday garb. I was passed by elves, reindeer and more Santa hats that I can count. But the feel of the event was so much fun and a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season in style.

I will be back next year! I'm going to go for the 6 miles, and a quicker pace. I'm also going to need to shop for a much better costume. My "I heart Santa" headband just wasn't quite enough to really reflect the sentiment!

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