Sunday, July 8, 2012

Whirlwind Tour-Part I

We just got back from our vacation. We started with one week in Leavenworth, WA, at the Blackbird Lodge which is where I took this picture. Great little Inn with a room on the top floor complete with french doors that remained open most of the trip looking right out on the Washington Cascades.

The trip started out great. There was a little island across from our hotel that we got up and ran around on the first day. The second day we got more brave and did this little climb.

It was a 2000 foot climb over 4 miles and totally worth it. The rest of the time in Leavenworth we spent enjoying the scenery of the crazy little German town.

Sean developed what we though was poison oak from the hike. When he woke up with an eye swollen shut and in severe pain I drug him across the street to the immediate care center where he learned he had not poison oak, but rather shingles. Good times! We filled a pain killer Rx and hit the road.

We made a quick detour to Grand Coulee Dam along the way. Wow, impressive. I wish we had time to stay for the tour, but we had hours more to go.

From there we took a quickly zombie looking guy and piled into the car and headed off towards Whitefish MT. Our next stop for 4 nights. It was a long day, but well worth the trip.

From here on out Sean will be sunglasses and hat clad to avoid horrifying you with his zombie like presence.

While our little spot at the Duck Inn in Whitefish was beautiful in it's own right, I could not be dragged out of Glacier National Park for more than a few hours at at time. I could have stayed there forever. Stunning beauty. I teared up nearly every time we drove through. Emotion overload. I hope I'm not pregnant.

This was the Hidden Lake Trail at Logan's Pass. Clearly we couldn't travel it yet. Lots of snow this year. The Road to the Sun had only been open a week when we arrived.

This was a little hike in to a spot called "The Gorge"

My computer has decided that this is clearly enough images for one posting. I will pick up later on. Until then...enjoy your day!

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