Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recovery in Style

Teachers can get sick a lot working with germ factories in the form of many, many children. My first couple of years I was constantly sick. The last several however have been much better.

However, I have spent the summer avoiding children so imagine my surprise when yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache I've had in years. As the morning progressed it was clear that this wasn't just a bad dinner. Somewhere I had landed the stomach flu. Ick. I can't fathom where I got it unless it was from the water in the Dirty Dash we participated in on Saturday. I did ingest loads of mud and other gunk. However, no matter where I got it, it was painfully obvious I wouldn't be leaving the couch any time soon. Luckily I have the worlds best nurse!

Between the saltines and 7-up Mom brought and the gentle all day snuggles I got from Annie, I expect I'll be back to normal in a couple more days. I feel better already today. Not normal, but better.

Thanks wonderful family for taking such good care of me.

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