Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Chapter-Vacay 2012

When we last saw our vacationers they had just finished the Avalanche Trail hike. Let's see what happens next:

Heaven's Peak (Um, I'd say so)
More beauty. Does it ever stop?
Jackson Glacier
That's Jackson Glacier. It's one of the last big ones and not expected to last past 2020. We will have to return before then.

Totem Pole at the McDonald Lake Lodge. Great place to stop, put your feet up and drink a huckleberry margarita in the big rocking chairs on the porch.  Just sayin'

Lake McDonald from cruise
This is the view from Lake McDonald. We took a great little cruise around the lake on a boat from 1930.  Come on, you didn't really think I could spend this much time at a lake zone and not make it onto a boat did you?
Creepy taxidermy collection in the lodge

This is my favorite picture from the entire trip. I saw it with my own eyes, I wanted to stay forever. I hope that I can permanantely imprint this onto my brain.
Lake McDonald from Apgar Ranger Station

Loving it so much I wanted a couples picture to mark the occasion too. In my bliss from the beauty I had forgotten that I was married to the zombie. Small children and those with weak hearts, please look away.
Someday we'll look at this and laugh. 
We finished our trip by heading back down to Bend, OR for a couple of days. In the state, that's one of our favorite spots and it didn't disappoint this time either. We accidentally ended up in the middle of town during the freedom ride. We spent an entire day walking the Bend Ale Trail and visited 9 breweries. A fantastic little end to our trip.

Great stop with markings for all the Mts. around us.
Sweet Glory in the Bi-Mart parking lot!
We finished our perfect vacation (well sans the shingles of course) with a stop at the Metolious. Come on, you knew we would do it. Nearly all Ross vacations end up with a Bridge 99 shot. It's expected.

My favorite guy in my favorite Metolious spot.
See, he's looking better already! Actually now that we are home except for the deepest scabs on his forehead and around his eye, Sean is pretty much back to his normal stunningly handsome self. 14 days and 2000+ miles on the car. I can't believe it's over so quickly. It was an amazing vacation and I'm so sorry we can't keep it on the road for longer. So much fun.

Guess I'll have to put all my energy into begging for the new fur kid now. Leap of faith Sean, leap of faith.

Happy Summer !

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  1. Great write up Trace! Wonderful trip, can't believe it's over :(