Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is that the Prize Patrol?

No, that's not Ed McMahon's crew on our door step. This is Miss Annabelle Ross. She is a two year old border collie from Border Collie Rescue. As of 1:15pm yesterday she is the light of our lives.  So far she has all the traits we have longed for in a BC.
She matches the decor, so no need to change up the kitchen this year.

She's more than willing to hang out on the couch with me for an episode of "Perry Mason." Although perhaps I see a leather couch in our future.

She likes toys and is very appreciative of gifts from new friends.  She's also a great running partner, I've already done 3 miles with her this morning.

She's a professional snuggle bunny. It's clear this is her specialty. She can't get enough lap time with her new Dad. He hasn't had that in years and my heart literally melted as I was trying to get this shot.  It's hard to focus a camera through tears of joy. 

The final test: Dad's favorite hangout. She passed with flying colors. Annie spent a good hour hanging out at the Brew Station, chill, taking in the scenery without as much as a peep. Well, except to get the cute blond boy dog to come sniff noses with her.

I keep waiting for the gigantic tranquilizer she must have been given at the rescue to wear off, because otherwise we are the LUCKIEST couple on the planet to have landed this gem. Truly, as my friend Melinda says about us, but I think it is much more about Annie, the lottery has been won.

Welcome Home Miss Annabelle. Welcome Home.

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  1. Love all the photos of the new kid. Super happy to see she LOVES Sean too!!!! Finally a happy household!!!