Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting on pins for the needle

Tomorrow I have a cortisone injection scheduled. It has taken all my will power not to call and cancel it. I am a gigantic baby about this. I've been dreaming about it, in nightmare form all week. At a minimum it will at least be over with!

This is the first of the conservative treatment options to get my left knee back to it's pre-"Big Climb" self. I miss that knee. I miss what it could do. It has come a long way since it hit rock bottom back in July and swelled up so much it wasn't recognizable as a knee. However, months of PT and gentle coaxing have not returned it to it's totally normal state. I visited a second opinion Dr. a couple of weeks back who informed me that unlike Dr. opinion #1, who claimed there was nothing they could do, this guy said there are loads of things we can do. I guess that is why it took 6 months just to get into a consultation and every athlete I know loves him.

And so I start with the most conservative approach. Two injections into my knee joint. One to numb the pain and the other to pump the drug. I hope they get the order right.

I hope this works. I hope it doesn't make it worse. Please, please, please don't make it worse. I hope I don't puff up like that former olympian on the Biggest Loser from the steroid. What if I get 'roid rage. Wait, would that even look any different than my normal personality?

I wonder if I at least get a balloon or a lollipop when I'm done. After all, isn't that normal shot protocol? At least I took the entire day off in case it I need to stay off my knee. I sense a little General Hospital therapy in my future. And a Starbucks. Venti....

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  1. Good luck today! Take Sean along, that way if you're not offered a lolli or balloon, you can at least get a kiss.
    The only part I recall from receiving a cortisone shot was it added extra fluid around my knee cap. Just don't watch it getting inserted!