Friday, February 18, 2011

Babies and Puppies!

All this cuteness can only mean one thing! Spring must be around the corner. Well, not really because it is freaking cold outside right now and I can see snow in the foothills. But today I spent my time admiring a young recently adopted shelter dog and holding a one week old real baby.

A big congrats to Erin and Luis for the successful reproductive endeavor of one Mateo Sebastian Puga. That is a damn fine little guy. I love his expressive, hostile little face. I have no idea what he could be so angry about in his short lived existence, but the expressions and scowls he makes are priceless. It is going to be extra fun watching him grow up. He gets huge bonus points from me for allowing me to hold him for nearly an hour without screaming once. Seriously, that has never happened before. Usually babies sense my terror and scream immediately. Kudos Tao for being brave or angry enough to let me hold you!

The puppy I saw was also adorable. A recent transplant from CA to our local shelter (see even dogs want the Oregon relocation program), he was adopted to an older lady who was told he was between 18 months and 2. She had big news today though when the vet informed her that he was only 8 months at the most. She was carrying him with her everywhere because she said she's never had a puppy before and doesn't trust him left alone. Good plan having had personal experience of leaving a puppy alone in my early dog owning days! He was full of pep and cuteness as was she. I think they will be an excellent match.

Now I'm home on my forced (ouch, quit twisting) day off. I'm loving this cut day, although my paycheck won't love it especially as tax day approaches. My dog while not as cute at that tiny guy won't let me out of his sight either. He walks me from room to room, settling himself down even if we are only there for a minute or two.

There is something to be said for the total love of someone who depends on you. Be it a baby or a pooch, I like that someone notices I'm here and is excited to see me. Now, if I could only train him to unload the dishwasher.

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