Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pump the Brakes!

Damn it Jim, I'm a teacher not a snow plow driver!

Of course you wouldn't have guessed it today as I careened through an intersection, directly across two lanes of traffic and narrowly avoided coming to a rest in the ditch across the street. I plowed a big old pile of snow in front of my car along the way. No my ABS on my AWD Subaru did not kick in at all. As Sean has explained to me, my car did not have any idea it wasn't stopped already. My 4 wheels were locked up solid in the slide of death towards the impending intersection. Luckily I had an audience of little kids waiting for their very late bus. If only they had score cards. Once I came to a stop inches from the ditch and facing on-coming traffic, I put the old Subie in reverse and like Sean had also pointed out, they "go" just fine, it's the stopping that's the problem. Much to the relief of the mini-van coming my way in it's own lane of traffic, I backed up and got headed in the proper lane towards work. I did another slide into the parking lot and finally made it into a spot and out of the car. An hour and 30 minutes after I left for my 25 minute commute to Albany on this snowy winter drive.

Oh did I mention the 40 minutes I spent sitting on I-5? I was at a standstill while the overturned semi blocked all lanes of traffic? Did I mention the fact that every school district in a 50 mile radius around us was closed for the day? Did I mention that Albany had a snow day back in November for about 4 flakes of snow on the ground? But today as inches and inches piled up and accidents were happening everywhere, my district deems that it is a safe day to go to work/school for all involved.

Oh hells ya we are smart in Albany. Good thing I made it to work in one piece so that I could teach the 14 children that actually showed up today.

I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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