Thursday, July 29, 2010

Someone Get This Anniversary a Drink!

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary. I have no idea how that is even possible. I'm sure it is simply because I was a child bride. At least that is how I resolve those numbers in my head. However, while today is my 21st anniversary, it is only the second one that I have ever spent apart from Sean. Why am I not with the one I love today on this the "coming of age" anniversary ? Because I am three time zone's away. I am in NC visiting the family and loving every minute of it.

Past anniversary celebrations have included trips, out to fancy dinners, exchanged presents (both grand and simple) and generally had a wonderful time. Today I woke up with the worst hangover of my life thanks not having seen my sister in over a year and too much time spent on the back porch with too many bottles last night. So my first meal of my anniversary was a handful of Excedrin and not enough coffee. I tiptoed around the house while Zach and Maddie danced around displaying the proper homecoming for a long lost aunt. We finally left the house around noon to go to Costco and the grocery store. I began to feel human again and we headed over to the community pool where I lost all sense of reason and put on a swimsuit. We spend the next several hours splashing around and having the best time. Both of those kids are amazing and swim like fish. I am in constant awe of my Sister and her fantastic ability to raise such great citizens! After this white fish belly Oregonian had enough of the NC sun and humidity we headed back home to a wonderful evening of fish tacos (yummy!) and family fun.

Tomorrow we are going camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I can hardly wait. I've got a camera and my bug spray and I'm ready for fun. S'mores, coke zero and jiffy pop. It can't get better than that!

And so on this 21st anniversary I say to my dear husband, thank you for the years we've had and I look forward to the ones to come. I'm sorry we aren't spending this day together but I thank you for the nudge to get myself out here before my summer slipped away. I am adoring every second of my time here. You and I,hopefully have many, many more anniversaries to spend together. I look forward to reuniting much sooner than I will be prepared to leave here, but ever so happy to see you again.

Bi-coastal love. Jeez!

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