Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perfect is as perfect does.

I have a new hobby. I have discovered surfing! Oh no, it's not the kind on a cool old school long board and some salty air. No way! This kind involves my trusty Mac and a goal of procrastinating on my summer projects. I have discovered the "Next" button on Blogspot. As we all know, I enjoy being a lurker and I'm fascinated by the world of blogging so I've had a blast surfing my way through other people's lives.

The biggest thing I have learned as I scroll though the lives of others is that apparently everyone has "beautiful" children and blessed lives. Well and that people are big fat liars! I have yet to come across anyone who admits to having children who are either less than attractive or bratty. Funny, these must not be the people who live in my neighborhood.

I would love to see just one shred of truth in these entries. I mean I'm all for happiness and bliss, but there are limits to how much perfectness a family can endure without someone going a little crazy and downing a fridge box of cheap wine, and family size bag of ruffles right before they jump on the Pizza boy at the door.

Me, I'm more of a realist. So here is how my summer is going so far. I have started my summer de-clutter projects in the office and am horrified to realize that we have dodged a bullet in that no one has called in the show "Horders Buried Alive" yet. I'm about 2/3 of the way through that room.

My exercise plan has taken a nose dive as I continue to await my MRI to diagnosis the mystery knee. However, after two weeks I finally have an appt. for the scan. The marvels of having insurance. What about those poor people without? What if it had been an emergency? While I have been moving via daily hikes, it just isn't the same and the depression of not running has me behaving badly in the kitchen. See, not that beautiful family of other blogs. Nope, I actually resorted to eating Hot Tamales today and I don't even like them but I found a box in back of the cupboard. That is pathetic. The ironic part is that I have loads of Peeps on top of the fridge but I'm saving them for when I'm back in training. Yup, I have a beautiful and blessed life. Blessed with beautiful peeps that is!

On the plus side I am super excited to visit my sister in just a couple of weeks. That will most likely be the highlight of my summer. That and Sean and I are planning on hopping back on the bikes tonight. Maybe that will help drive out the pity party demons that have invaded my happy, carefree summer days.

Maybe there is something to the perfect life blog posting. Maybe it's just a case of mind over matter. So this is my perfect life posting. Maybe not perfect, but mine. I guess that is perfect for me. Oh and did I mention my exceptionally good looking dog?

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  1. Make sure you have good hearing protection for your MRI. An interesting experience but exceedingly noisy. 2 weeks for non emergency isn't bad.
    I love your real blog emotions! Shoot, my blog is outright gloomy these days. And I agree that a lot of folks do exaggerate their stories... or they live in a world under rose colored glasses.
    Keep up your writing! Maybe it can help with the lack of running...