Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mojo Maker!

It's been a tough summer. My knee had me sidelined from two races I really wanted to do. I thought I had been taking it in stride until my dear sweet husband broke it to me the other night while on a hike. The conversation shifted to a mountain bike ride of a few days earlier. It went something like this.

Me: I don't know why my bike just doesn't feel right this year. I just feel shaky. I'm kind of a Scaredy Scaredenstein.

Sean: Yeah, you are a Scaredy Scardenstein.

Me: What? That's not very nice. I can say it, but you can't.

Sean: Well, it's true. You used to have mad mt. bike skills. You were crazy mt. biking girl last year. What happened? You've lost your Mojo!

Me: stunned silence......OUCH...That hurt.

Sean: Well.....

Oh man. I'm still reeling from that one. I guess the true ones always hurt the most. He's right, I know he's right but damn man, that is harsh! I had attributed the horrible start to the current mt. bike season to being over 40 and knee injury hesitation, but now.. man it's on.

Luckily I have the power of these socks. Mojo Quest 2010. I've got the power of the socks. I'll replace my energy food with Lucky Charms and that Mojo is as good as found. I hope the blur of the unicorn blinds Sean as I fly by.


  1. Go Tracie Go!!!!

  2. Is the left sock named "Mo" and the right one "Jo" or vis versa? ;)