Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got Dirt?

This is what 21 years of marriage looks like at my house! I came home from vacation last night to a beautifully wrapped present on my sideboard. Much to my surprise, this is all the loot that was inside. While on first glance this looks fantastic enough, it is the gift behind the gift that means the absolute most to me.

For those of you not familiar with the now traditional 21 year gift of "dirt" in the anniversary list, this is all mt. bike gear. I have a new stem and handlebars, ZuZu's pedals (yes, after my favorite movie no less) and five-ten grip shoes. Oh, and he got me flowers too. Sunflowers, my favorite, on socks, which means they won't die which makes them his favorite too.

Why is this stuff so important and why am I so excited about it after the 21 years of hard time I've put in to earn them? Well, it shows that he finally listened to me and is respecting my wishes. I am not a clipless pedal girl. I have fought them for at least the 21 years we have been married and I'm pretty sure they are a major factor in the lost mojo of the previous posts.

And so on this anniversary, Sean has given me all the very best products to be a crazy ass, dirt girl and reclaim my place on those beautiful trails! No longer will I have to battle for balance in a quick response necessary situation by fighting my pedals for control of my foot. The fact that he has given me this gift is his way of raising the white flag and respecting that I actually know what I need.

Screw those traditional lists. Screw those shinny rings, bobbles and such. No fancy dinner needed. Keep your leather, lace, paper. This "dirt" anniversary goes into the record books as hands down the best ever! Thanks Sean Ross for knowing what this girl wants and being man enough to give it to her.

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