Thursday, August 19, 2010

Livin' Life on the Edge!

This is pretty much what I felt like when Sean announced that this year he really wanted to take a no plans vacation. We had a few loose ideas of things we might like to check out on the way, but the only "official" plan was, "no official plans". Wow, talk about throwing Tracie completely out of her comfort zone. I like to plan everything right down to the exact detail. This didn't sit well with me although, I think I faked it pretty well. Only Erin knew the true extent of my terror of this "no plans", plan. But, I put on my big girl pants and got over it. The Ross Magical Mystery Tour was born.

So as it turns out, the no plan vacation was about the coolest thing we have ever done. I loved it and would highly recommend that everyone give it a shot at least once. I think we have started on the first of many adventures to come that will involve pointing the car in the direction of the day and just going for it. After all, isn't that really what those damn bucket lists are all about anyway? Living life, not talking about living life. Life on the edge. I kinda like it!

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