Sunday, October 28, 2012


This was the scene today at Zach's Cross Country State Championship meet. The weather started out with us but quickly turned to rain showers. We had it pretty good though because Zach ran with the Super Champs division who got to go pretty early in the day. This group was the top 6 racers from each school. He earned it too. I have never seen him run like he did today. It was amazing how much he has improved even over this season. He paced himself with the fastest kid on his team for the first km or so. Then he dropped behind a bit but continued to push himself. When he got to the final stretch he opened it up and picked kids off one at a time as he sprinted to the finish line. He beat his previous P/R by 20 seconds, which is HUGE! I was so happy to get to be there and greet him down on the track as he crossed the finish line. He was a Rock Star!

Some days I am in awe of the life I have with my family around me. I am one very lucky girl. I need to remember this when the rest of my life is zooming out of control.

Way to go Zach!

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