Sunday, October 14, 2012

Got Speed?

Today was the Great Pumpkin Run that I've been so excited for. It was really well attended and the rain held off for the race so that was fantastic.

So was the performance of this crew:

In that group of folks you have a 10k first place in ages 13 and under, a 5k 2nd place in  Men's 40-49 (8th place over all), two 4th place age groupers (Stafford 10K and Me 5k) and an incredible Mom/Daughter racing team who finished the entire 5k together with no tears. I'm inspired and so thankful to be part of this clan.

I'm pretty sure my new P/R is a direct result of this:

Ignore my hairy arm which shows up much worse now that my beautiful summer tan has already faded away. That little watch is so awesome!  I'm really excited I had it to distract me considering my ipod died instantly even though I charged it all day yesterday. Damn gadgets!

After the race we all needed some refueling so we headed over to Nutcakes in Philomath.

Yep, that was one fantastic day! Thanks family for the inspiration and fun! I look forward to our next family adventure.

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