Sunday, April 29, 2012

Waiving the white flag!

Today I lost it just a little. It happened when I went to change loads of laundry only to discover that my washer was stuck in the final rinse cycle because I left the lid up. Empty. Of course I started a new load, walked away to multi-task and promptly forgot about the load itself entirely. So now not only did I have to finish out the empty load, but I was behind on my already tight schedule. How does a woman of 43 handle such things? Just the way you'd expect a mature person to handle it. I walked out of the room and started bawling. Who cries over an empty laundry load? This girl.

You see, at 4 weeks into track, spring term of grad school and round 2 of OAKS testing, I'm just a tad bit done. I thought I could handle it all when I signed up for it. Turns out, my aspirations were a little too high this time. I was ok until my boss made his problem my problem last week and suddenly I'm not just coaching the track team but planning the track meet as well. Thanks a lot for that by the way. What I wanted to do was just let it fail since it wasn't my problem in the first place. That however was not fair to my athletes who have worked so hard. Rather, I did what I always do and said "ok" and picked it up. I'm a total wreck over trying to plan something I know nothing about, but I'm at least giving it the time of day. I sure hope it turns out ok because my students really deserve better than this.

The think that is suffering the most is my grad class this term. I skate under the wire each week submitting assignments right before the deadline. It's not my best work, but it's what I can manage. Track will be over in 2 weeks so that will help a ton.

Thank goodness for a husband who deserves a statue of gold in the front yard. After finding me in tears today he reminded me to breathe, that he'd help and that we are just going to take it one step at a time. That's a far cry from the "I told you so" he sure could have responded with considering he did in fact tell me so. He predicted this would be too much and that he didn't want to see me fall apart. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Thanks Sean for being who you are and not who you could be.

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