Friday, April 6, 2012

One teenager, nine bunnies and some flair

This has been the weirdest week in a very long time. I started my final term of Grad School for the year as well as coaching track. Grad school sucks. Shocker I know. Track coaching on the other hand is far more fun than I could have possibly imagined. Who would have guessed that I was born to teach middle school. Well, at least born to coach middle school track. This is seriously by far the most fun I've had remotely related to my job in about 5 years. I kid you not. It was also officially announced that I'm teaching 5th grade next year. Now I wish it was 6th or 7th. Who knew those crazy middle school kids would be the perfect fit for me.

The other bizarre thing about the first week of April is the stream of birthdays our family has. Three days in a row of birthday celebrations. Zach is first, then my mom then Sean's mom. Tricky when I'm already on the tightest timeline of my life. Wednesday was Zach's birthday. He's a teenager now. How the hell did that happen? Of course we celebrated by going to the Mongolian Grill. All you can eat is key to a 13 year old who has grown about 9 inches in the past year alone. That was fun and bizarre when some guy mistook me for someone else and came to the table and gave me a huge hug. Can you say awkward? For dessert Zach had Sarah order him this tasty little treat he had seen before when we went out to breakfast last Sunday.

Yes, that is a S'more pie. Could I possibly love this boy any more? I think not. Sean refused to partake in the sugary goodness, but being the excellent aunt I am I joined the birthday boy in a piece.

Yesterday I noted that Easter is only three short days away and I have yet to eat any Peeps. Now anyone who knows me knows my love for sugar covered marshmallow treats and would find this tidbit of information shocking. Usually by now I'm getting sick of them and stockpiling them for the rest of the year. My love of Peeps is so well known that my dear friend Melinda actually gave me some she had frozen for Christmas. Now that's a friend you know has your back when they pull out the cellar reserve stock.

That's why when another friend showed up with a special delivery for me at work today I nearly kissed her right on the spot!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Seriously creative. It was so cool I almost didn't want to disturb it by eating any of it. Of course that lasted about 5 minutes and then I quickly decapitated one of those little pink bunnies! Thanks Staci!

Which brings me to final best thing of this week!

New Shoes! My knees and my shins were telling me it was time to retire my purple running shoes to just walk around shoes. So I looked up some new kicks on Zappos, ordered them and just two short days later they were sitting on my porch just begging to be used. Which is a good thing considering the previous two pictures!

Don't they look fast? I'm going to burn some serious calories in these babies! I better go eat another bunny.


  1. Look at all the good things that cancelled out the sucky grad school thing! :) Life is good! Love love love the new shooz!

  2. I know my "glass half full" friend! Thanks for pointing that out! Life is good! Let's take those new shoes out again!