Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Weight?

Today I finally logged on and participated in my "voluntary" health screening required by our insurance company. It's only voluntary if you consider that not doing it costs you a minimum of $43 monthly surcharge.

The only required field we had to fill in was height, weight and waist circumference. How they can know if you're being honest about that is beyond me. There was about fifty other questions ranging from lifestyle to stress level, but I only answered the ones I felt seemed like they wouldn't be too incriminating.

I was especially intrigued by the "healthy weight" span I was allowed. For my height 5'4", I know right, I'm sure you thought I was much taller than that. Anyway, for my height I can be between 111-144 pounds and all are considered the "healthy" range. Seriously? That is a 33 pound spread. I don't know anyone who weighs 111 pounds that would still consider themselves healthy if they gained 33 pounds, unless they were pregnant. Being more in the upper range than the lower range I think that maybe I should up my 10 pound weight loss goal to say maybe 15 or 20 to get to the lower range. Crazy I tell you! I feel Cadburry Eggs and my beloved Peeps slipping out of my grasp this year.

This is stressing me out so much I better go back in and revise my answers on the "level of stress" category. I wonder what the healthy range is on that one. I can imagine it now "excessive sweating, hives and panic attacks" all in the healthy range. I'm sure I'd be just fine.

Maybe I should have just forked over the extra $.

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