Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good things come in tiny packages!

I'm in love. I mean the kind of love they talk about in bad teenage novels, or vampire books. Love at first sight. How could I not be. Look at him. Just look at him. This might be the cutest thing I have ever, ever seen.

I've asked for a pony many, many times in my life. It was the standby as a child. "Mom, can I have a pony?" The answer was always the same. "NO". I resorted to asking Santa each year as I sat on his lap at Payless Drug Store. He never said "no", but then each Christmas morning I woke up sans pony. As I got older, the recipient of my question changed from my parents to my husband. But the answer was always the same "no".

Now comes this little guy. I bet Sean might not even notice for a while. He could live in the back yard and until hop harvest season comes around, Sean wouldn't even notice. Heck, he could keep the grass down back there. I envision him prancing across the lawn to greet me when I come home each day. I would put his halter on and we would go for a trail run together after work. I could let the little neighbor children put their dolls on him for pony rides. Why I could have him for a class pet. Oh, the possibilities are so endless. All I know is that I could give him the very best pony life ever!

So tonight as I gaze at the photos of the most adorable creature ever, I channel Miss Veruca Salt, "I want the tiny little pony, please husband, I want the tiny little pony right now".

(photo from here click for more photos)


  1. Wait, are you saying we can have a Panda?

  2. So, did you get him? The pony, not the panda. Panda's would be a huge pain to feed and care for. Ponies are much MUCH easier! Sean really wouldn't notice! :)