Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Be the Monkey

As a kid I was a total monkey. I spent most recesses going back and forth across the monkey bars. I could climb to the top of all the jungle gym equipment and hang for an entire recess without giving it a second thought. I did spins on my knees and would hang upside down for a penny or lemon drop. Now the only time I see a lemon drop is when I order one at Big River. And while if I drink enough of them I could possible fall down, there isn't much jungle gym monkey time in my life.

Until today. Today in boot camp I learned that monkey bars are nothing like riding a bike. It isn't something that you just get back on and do and your body doesn't forget how. Nope, not even close. While I used to be able to cruise back and forth on those things for the full thirty minute recess, now I can't even last thirty seconds. When I say I couldn't last thirty seconds, I'm not kidding. I couldn't last 15 seconds. Oh hell, let's just throw out the pride and admit I was good for about 10 seconds and one pull up. Oh holy hell, what has happened to that carefree monkey girl.

So now I am a woman on a mission to reclaim my inner monkey. I want to see those bars and cruise across effortlessly like I did back at Wilson Elementary School. Or at least, last longer than 10 seconds the next time Shandra decides that pull ups and hangs would be a good idea. Nope, if I could do it then, I can do it now. How will I train for this epic rematch? Well, this is where once again, my job is my playground. Literally. So look out 3rd graders, there's a big kid coming out to play. See the monkey, feel the monkey, be the monkey!

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  1. Now I have the "Monkey Monkey Monkey" song from the Ren and Stimpy soundtrack stuck in my head.