Sunday, April 4, 2010

The check's in the mail!

Damn it. They cashed the damn check. I have been checking my e-mail daily for the past two weeks to get that confirmation e-mail I've been promised to let us know that we are in fact in "The dirty half" so that all this pain I'm putting myself through is worth it. However, each day, there has been no email and no posting of our names as registrants on the web site.

I get that the wheels of life turn slowly and the whole watched pot thing, so I figured that we just had to be patient and if it was meant to happen it would. But over the past couple of days as my aching body was rebelling against all the extra effort, a tiny little bulb had begun to shine in the back of my mind. "Maybe we were too late, maybe we won't get in". Maybe I can just slow this pony back down to the middle age crawl that I'm so damn good at. The whole rationalization process had started about why it's better that we didn't make it. I actually found myself smiling again. My consumption of Easter candy increased!

My new found bliss lasted exactly 48 hours. That is when I decided to check my bank statement and there right in front of me was the proof I'd been waiting for. They cashed the check. Oh crap, they cashed the check. Panic spread quickly like a bargain brand syrup on my breakfast pancakes. Now I have to go through with this thing. They've got my money and my pride. There is no way out but across the finish line. Stupid Internet banking. I could have lived in bliss for another 28 days waiting for this month's statement information back in the pony express postal days.

So tomorrow I will be placing my running shoes back by the door and two blue peeps in my pre run snack bag. Good thing the Easter Bunny predicted this dilemma and hooked me up with several weeks worth of Peep goodness. I'm gonna need it. Should I be annoyed that he hooked Sean up with beer? Somehow, this just doesn't seem fair! Oh well, bring on week 2 of the training plan.

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