Sunday, February 5, 2012

For Love

His name was Moses and we were drawn to him by his golden eyes. His foster Mom said he was an old soul and needed someone special. It was too soon after our previous dog Lucky's death to be looking again, but as I searched Border Collie Rescue's available dogs, my hope grew and the hole begin to fill with anticipation. Sean said it was too soon, he was probably right but in the end, over breakfast, we decided to make the drive back up to his foster family and bring Moses home.

Not being old testament kind of folks, we changed his name and Rogue began his life as a member of the Ross family. Early on we knew he would live up to his name. He was a genetic nightmare. From teeth not coming in right to bad hips, Rogue started his life with medical issue after medical issue. He had multiple surgeries to fix problems in his intestines, some caused by his love of all things not digestible, to his never definitively diagnosed malfunctioning intestines.

Through it all Rogue remained friends with all he met. He would walk into the vet clinic with the same swagger and excitement as at Gram's dog park. He was greeted everywhere he went like Norm on Cheers. Receptionists left their post to come and give him love. Through all he went through Rogue remained happy and always ready to shower any human with tail wags. His attitude was infectious.

He taught us so much about bravery, and about love. He taught us unconditional love doesn't measure anything. It just takes each day as it comes and finds the silver lining in all the day presents. He taught us that a stuffed mouse can be fun, that a half mile run is better than no run at all and that there is always, always, always time for ear scritches and nose kisses.

Losing a friend never comes at a good time. There is never enough time, however long we have. For our life with Rogue that time was only 7 years. Unfortunately, a little genetic misfit can only use so many miracles until he doesn't have any left. This past Wednesday, we lost him. I guess his foster mom was right and he was an old soul to make up for the short life he would have.

We are heartbroken. The mice lay on the floor, un-thrown. I can not yet bring myself to run our half mile loop. When I come home from work there is no dancing feet, tapping the tune of my heart. Rather there is silence. Cold empty silence. I know time will heal the hurt. When the pain was most raw Sean turned to me and said "why do we do this to ourselves?" to which I replied "for love, we do it for love."

Yesterday we received a card in the mail from dear friends who too went through this last year themselves. They finished their hand written notes with advice as given by

Dr. Seuss:
"Do not cry because it's over, Smile because it happened."

Rogue happened. He happened to us so that an amazing dog could have a chance at an amazing life. I hope that he got as much out of our time together as we did. I look forward to the day that the tears are replaced by smiles.

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  1. some day those smiles really will come. hang in there you two.