Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Reflections

What a long week this was. Seems when we have a short work week the kids always make up for it with their wild behavior. However, I did see something new in my students this week. Brief glimpses of 3rd graders. I know it is late in the year to be seeing 3rd grade behavior and rather they should be moving to 4th, but this is not your average group of kids. Every now and then my batch of monkeys pulls it together and surprises me. Recently it has happened more often that ever before. It restores my hope in humanity.

I have another three day weekend coming up and while there is tons of grad school work to do, I'm looking forward to weaving some fun in there as well. After all, without the fun there is no life in my life.

I think I'll start now by heading off to the OSU gymnastics Pink Out! Go Beavs!

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