Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad Choices

I'm always telling my kids to make a better choice. I question them on the choices they make, asking them if it's a good choice or not. Everyone wants to have a sense of control over their life. Sometimes the choices we make aren't the best. We all do it, hit the snooze button when we really should get up. Leave the house when the good choice would be to stay home and pick it up. You know the drill. I'm the queen of avoidance and I know it. It's not a good choice for me, but sometimes I do it anyway.

Like tonight when I made a bad choice and picked a fight. Why did I do it? Because I was pissed off in the first place. But rather than address the actual issues pissing me off I just acted like a brat until I pushed too far and now no one is happy. Good times.

I don't like conflict so I tend to avoid it like the plague. The problem with not facing issues head on is that they blow up in your face later on. What is a small problem becomes a large one the longer you roll it around in your head. The human mind has an uncanny ability to take a little problem and make it feel like a big one. If you're not careful, you just may create yourself a big problem.

So for now I will let things lie where they are. I'm learning that it's ok to just be mad sometimes and that once things have been said that sometimes it's best to leave them out there rather than poke at them even more.

Bad choices can be a real bitch sometimes. However, hopefully in the end we grow from them and are less likely to travel down the same road twice. I'm a slow learner though so that remains to be seen.

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