Tuesday, February 28, 2012

That Girl!

It appears I've become "that girl."

Today I met M-Cat for a run after work. We have developed a not optional approach to our runs so when it was 38 degrees and raining sideways, we didn't give it a second thought. Well, we didn't give it a second choice. Today through some freak of nature I really, really enjoyed the run. I was borderline giddy. M-Cat on the other hand was actually the complainer. This has never happened before. Normally that's my role. Not today though, I loved every soaking wet and freezing cold step of our run. I wasn't even annoyed when we had to turn around and retrace our steps because we had miscalculated our mileage so we didn't hit the magical 3 mile mark. I was glad we had a few more minutes. Sorry M-Cat, but it was great!

Then, as we finished up our run I accosted a former co-worker of Sean's just so I could pet her dogs. Yes, being dogless has turned me into that freak that hangs around the parking lot a little longer than I should, just so I can have the opportunity to pet someone's dog. I hope I don't show up on Craig's list with a warning as some freak in town. No one wants to be that girl!

Anyway, thanks once again Ms. Crankypants for the excellent run. Thanks Suzy for letting me pet the dogs. Both of you made my day.


  1. Post shower, I am now Ms Happypants. Ok that didn't sound good. Ms. Warm Happy Muscles Proud She Did It Loved My Hot Shower Pants!

  2. Now that's my girl! Welcome back!