Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Girl and her Dog

Well, and a cat too, but we don't count her in the party guest number. It is just me and fuzzy buttkins this weekend. The boy is off on his semi-annual DC trip leaving the two of us to party down in Casa de Ross.

I started out this day by running 10 miles. I'd like to say it felt great, but it didn't. My stupid IT/knee issue is not fun at all. I got a new strap for my leg and with the help of Jeff Galloway and his 30 second walk breaks I finished the full 10. But to say it was wonderful and I could do more or go faster would be a total fabrication! I'll take it though. I still feel good that I finished it.

After a trip to the school carnival and a lovely dinner at Big River with Mom, I'm back home, sprawled on the couch and covered with frozen vegetables from the knee down. '

Oh yes, partying is art form in this house.


  1. What is your favorite frozen veggie? Peas and corn were always the "knee bags" at my house growing up. I would have to fight my brother for them. How pathetic! ;)

  2. I'm partial to corn. Although clearly I've used the life of my current bags judging by the fact that this morning I discovered four kernels in my couch!