Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinner Date!

Today was a very busy day. Without the boy I have to get myself ready and get Rogue set for the day as well. Since he is a high maintenance dog, that takes almost as much time as it takes me to get ready. At least he is nice enough not to wake me up in the night like he does to Sean.

So I made it to work, dealt with the hellions all day and then went to a union meeting after work. Since it is a bargaining year I'm taking on some extra responsibilities. Heaven knows we don't want to become Wisconsin, so I'm going to do my part. Anyway, I promised to stop and visit Erin and Tao on my way home. That was a blast. I can't believe how much he changes week to week. What a cute, angry little boy!

I finally got home around 7:00. I fixed my dinner, green salad w/tofu (much better than it sounds), a whole wheat pita and hummus and lemon water. Don't be too impressed with my healthy dinner, I ate a row from my valentine chocolate bar after, even though there was pineapple in the fridge meant for dessert.

While I was eating my dinner, my dinner date's gourmet meal was cooking in the over. Duck! Yes, I was cooking a duck breast (two actually) for my fuzzy date. He was so appreciative when it was ready that he actually ate a decent meal for the first time in two days.

Which is exactly what I was hoping for given the fact that he has been my sole source of companionship for the past three evenings. Sean wants a break from dogs when Rogue eventually has lived out his full life. After only 3 nights of being the only human, I can't imagine a house without a dog in it. Who would sit on my feet? Who would dance when I get home? Who would love me no matter what kind of mistake I made during the day.

So tonight I raise my glass of lemon water to the the best darn fuzzy a girl could ask for!

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