Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coming Home!

When I was in High School I had a huge poster of New York City on my wall. I would lay on my bed, listing to my stereo and dream of the future. I had grand plans of moving there when I graduated and kicking the dust of Corvallis right off my 4 inch Prince style boots. I guess I watched the movie "Fame" too much or something. I didn't really have a plan for what I would do when I got there, just that I would go. I didn't go, I stayed, and got married.

Still married. This week I got a small taste of what it would be like if I was single and I can wholeheartedly state NO THANK YOU!

SO here is my top 10 ode to my husband and why I never want to be single!

10. Garbage Day-
I almost missed it because that is not my job.

9. Solo Dog Duty-
Who knew that medicating, feeding and playing with him took so much time, I've been late to work every day!

8. Quiet House-
Yes I'm surrounded by noisy little children all day long. I could use a little peace and quiet at the end of the day. But this silence is deafening.

7. No Rolling Partner
This half marathon training is killing me. Sean rolls out my legs for me at night. I can't reach my legs like he can. I've been cramped up for a week.

6. Doggie Depression-
Rogue has been dragging his tail all week. He likes his pack all together.

5. Can you say Salad:
Because other than dinner last night when my Sister and Mom invited me out to their house, I've eaten salad. Turns out that's all I know how to make anymore.

4. Sunday Morning-
Sunday Mornings are for Law & Order while Drinking Coffee. Turns out, it's not as fun to do alone.

3. Coffee Maker-
I make the coffee every morning. Today it took me 3 tries to actually make a pot. I've become inept.

2. Too Big Bed
Again, the idea of having the bed to yourself seems great, until you do. Sure it's fun to stretch out the first night or two, but after that, it just accentuates the empty space.

1. Celebrations/Pep Talks
I have the luxury of being married to my best friend. Anything that happens is first shared with him. When I have to wait for a late night phone call to share that, it's just not the same and things can get lost in translation.

Yes, I'm a simple girl from a small town and I can't wait for my better half to get home!

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  1. Hang in there Tracie!
    I'm sure Sean appreciates knowing how much you miss him. :)