Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Design Flaw!

Not everyone should be a parent. I think we have a huge design flaw when two completely inept people can act like rabbits and end up in charge of a human being. As a teacher I get that there are certain skill sets out there for people who are parents. Some are better at it than others but really, there should be some baseline that people have to reach prior to having the ability to procreate.

Case in point..I took my class on a field trip today. We planned it over a month ago and starting three weeks ago I put it in the weekly parent letter. Let's see, three weeks times a weekly letter means that it was sent to the parents on at least 3 separate occasions. In the past 24 hours I had 3, yes I'm seeing a pattern here, 3 parents come unglued on me over a field trip that they knew nothing about. WTF? My favorite was the guy who actually came into the classroom today to get in my face and yell at me implying that this was some sort of plot to exclude him from going on the trip with his daughter. Never mind that he has never come to any school event with his kid, attended any parent teacher conference or volunteered a single minute of his time on the education of his daughter in her classroom. Whatever, I have bigger fish to fry with my master plans than to waste a single moment on his little plot theory. Oh my friend you've no idea what I have in mind!

Nope, my plot is to somehow revamp evolution and change the rules. To quote one of my favorite lines in one of the best movies ever, as spoken by Keanu Reeves " You need a license to drive a car, You need a license to own a dog, but any asshole can be a father". Yup, time to require a license.

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  1. Wow! I continue to be amazed by your stories and the overall stupidity of people. You must have some pretty thick skin by now!
    Good quote!