Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet Victory

16:09! 16:09?

Damn straight, I said 16:09! That's my finish time for 69 flights, 1311 stairs. I loved every single step of that stale 80+ degrees, stair well. Well, I could have done without the puke on several floors. Seriously, people puke when they push themselves too hard. That isn't just Biggest Loser TV smoke and mirrors! Who knew? That put a slight damper on the experience, but my agility skills learned from dodging 3rd graders since the November incident really paid off and I would sail over two steps when I noted "obstacles" in my path ahead. I ended up not using the railings at all because it just slowed me down too much.

I can't believe I did it. I still keep thinking to myself that there must have been some mistake. The count must have been off or they discovered there was some sort of vortex in the time continuum inside the building and it really took me days and only felt like 16:09. But then I push those thoughts aside and say "Damn girl.. you ROCKED that building! Own it". So I think I will while savoring my favorite victory trophy, a Voodoo Doughnut!

So thank you Columbia Center for making me face my fears, kick some ass and take some names. Now where is that entry form for the Dirty Half, I better fill it off before the victory glow fades.


  1. Way to go Tracie! I'm so proud of my stair climbing friend! You're amazing. I had no idea puke was involved... ick!

  2. What is funny is that when we first signed up for the challenge I joked with my team mates that there better not be any puke in the stairwell. Who knew that people on other teams really would. YUCK. They don't put that in the brochure!