Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tick Tock

Ever since I turned 40 I seem to be in some hardcore race against the clock to undo the neglect of my youth. Sure, I get the whole "you don't look 40" or "What? You're 40?" all the time. I get that the zits and immature attitude throw people off my cougar trail. However, as I chase down my youth, mostly on muddy single tracks or lately up many, many flights of stairs, I "feel" 40.

So I do things like say "hell yeah" to joining my younger and super fit husband on a beautiful sunny day on a trail run. I'm feeling good about getting out there, spending time with him and enjoying the sun on my face and the mud on my shoes. Well, about 3 miles in I realize that I am in fact a cougar. Yes, I am chasing my younger prey through the forest trying to keep up, wheezing like a Vegas grandma. My attempt at leaping over a creek bed like a Gazelle falls just short and I more likely resemble a water buffalo than anything else. His attempt to console me falls flat. "Well, you almost made it". Almost, the dreaded word of the middle age woman.

However, as I look down at my mud covered feet and legs I brush away the nagging thoughts of doubt trying to infiltrate my mind. "What are you doing out here", "you could break a hip", etc... I realize, while one trail run won't make for the fountain of youth, it is the journey of one run at a time that will change me, make me stronger. So while I didn't set any speed records today, I did have a great time, and challenge myself on some pretty technical trails. And this mud on my legs...I think that might just have been the best bonus of all. I think my legs may look younger already!


  1. Great story, it may have been as fun to read it as the actual run was!

  2. Wait! Your hubby isn't THAT much younger! 6 months or so? I'm sure you totally looked more gazelle like than the other critter.
    What a great story!