Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bring on the Intervention

It's official, I've gone crazy. I think all the stale stairwell air as well as thin oxygen to my brain as I run on the sunny days has taken it's toll. I'm on vacation. Now when you hear the word vacation what comes to mind? Could it be a sunny beach? Maybe a pool side cabana? How about a fruity drink complete with a paper umbrella? Well, prior to this Spring Break that would have been mine too.

Not this year. This year I have spent my Spring Break so far pouring over Internet posts on 1/2 marathon training programs trying to find just the right fit for me. There are no shortage of them out there. While I haven't found a single plan that offers cookies and wine nights in the program, I have found several that seem do-able. Did I just say that? Do-able? WTF? 13.1 miles. Who runs 13.1 miles for fun? Now as if just searching for a program isn't bad enough, I actually found an event as well. So what did I do today? I filled out the entry form, I wrote out a check and I actually had some sort of out of body experience as I watched myself drive it to the post office and drop it in the mail slot. While I briefly entertained the idea of diving in to retrieve it, and then contemplated the jail time I'd do for the federal crime of mail tampering, I turned and drove myself back home again. Clearly I've gone mad. This must be the female version of a mid life crisis. Why, or why couldn't I just have gone for a Porsche instead? I have the feeling that would have been much, much easier......

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  1. Why can't we have the Porsche too? Actually, a Lotus would be better...