Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 day recap!

This has been a interesting and inspirational week. First, I spent last Sunday watching my nephew and a small group of his team mates compete in the state cross-country championships. They had to run in the super champs division because there were so few of them. That meant the were running with the fastest of the fast in this state. They poured all they had into that race. I was so proud and inspired. One little girl in particular caught my eye. She was alone at the race, her parents had dropped her off. She ran her heart out the entire time. I trucked from view point to view point cheering her along with the rest of my family, all there to support Zach. I wonder why my family did a better job supporting her than her own.

Then we headed over to Voodoo Donuts. This is a Ross/Johnson post race ritual. However, being the Sunday before Halloween, we drove right through a HUGE Zombie march. Sean estimates the total at like 1000 people, er...Zombies. I think it was more like 500. Either way, it was so much fun to drive through several blocks of the undead. What better way than to finish it up with a VooDoo donut.

Finally Halloween arrived on Monday. This was the first time I've gotten to celebrate with the kids. It was fun to go trick or treating with them. I also consumed my own weight in fun size candy bars that night myself. Which brings me to the new competition I'm in with Stafford. 6 weeks to a better body!

Starting a diet the day after Halloween is genius! So far this week I've gone running twice and quit junk food. It's a good start!

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  1. Maybe we should have a Zombie march/ drag in Corvallis!
    Congrats on making it through another week!