Saturday, November 5, 2011

Project Thankful Days 1-5

This is November, the official start to the holiday season. While the stores start putting out holiday decorations before Halloween, I prefer to think that it begins with Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I think it may actually secretly be my favorite holiday. The gathering together with family and friends with no expectations of gifts, hidden agendas, etc. It's simply a way to celebrate the act of being thankful. I look forward to it every year! Ironically, the people I love most are celebrating elsewhere this year so I think it is just Sean and I flying solo, but that doesn't make me any less excited!

Greed, expectations and discontent are something that I get frustrated with on a daily basis. I am constantly trying to train my 3rd graders to be thankful, not greedy. I want them to appreciate what they have and to say thank you rather than ask for more. To them it often falls on deaf ears and they respond to me with rolled eyes. I wonder to myself, "what is it with kids today, why can't they appreciate what they have and where they are?"

I think any movement for change begins with a look within. I have been guilty of the desire for more, the lack of appreciation for what I have and always thinking others have it better than I do.

That thinking stops now. It is hard to be a positive role model while wasting so much time engulfed in negativity myself. What better way to kick off the change than with a month long look at my own life and all the blessings I have.

Since I'm already 5 days behind (is procrastination a blessing?) I will give my first 5 in this posting.

1. A chunky border collie.
Given the fact that this guy was on death's door less than two months ago, I'll take him in any shape. However, this pudgy version is the best!

2. Sweaters
My building still has a problem with the heating system and will randomly spew artic air out of the vents. It is difficult to teach from a puffy coat so sweaters are wonderful!

3. Natural Gas Heat
While I'm happy with sweater warmth at work, I'm ecstatic about having my home heated with natural gas. Instant comfort.

4. Fall Runs
On Tues and Thursday this week I got in some spectacular fall runs on a local trail. The trees are still magnificent, the air was brisk but dry and the conversation great. To me, there is no running season like Fall. Natural beauty everywhere.

5. Law and Order Saturdays
I have watched L &O while sipping coffee for months or maybe years at this point as a weekend morning ritual. At this point I've seen most of them, but with my less than stellar memory that doesn't seem to matter. It's the perfect start to my day.

Wow, that wasn't so hard to find things I'm thankful for and those just scratch the surface. This is going to be a great month!

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