Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom to the Rescue!

Day 7-


Specifically, my Mom. Today she went to the DMV for me when I discovered that I had let my tags expire. Who does that? Oh, yeah, I do. Anyway, I work in a different town than I live and I was not remotely sure how I was going to get to the DMV before they closed today. It was bad enough I had to herd the big ass bald tired truck around to work today. Which mind you was quite attractive in the school parking lot with all Sean's beer stickers on the back window-nothing like driving that to a middle school. Now I'm supposed to speed my way to the DMV on the small amount of remaining rubber left on those wheels?

In swoops Mom who is more than willing to go to the DMV for me when I jokingly ask her if her plans for today included a trip to the DMV.

That's love! Thanks Mom!

On a side note I decided to have the kids write in their journals today a list of things they are thankful for. The top two responses were video games and televisions. Seriously kids? Let's see were those things get you when you need someone to go to the DMV.

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