Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I kissed a girl!

Ok, not really. But I wanted to. Really, I wanted to. I'm in love with Shawn. Not "Sean", but Shawn. My new PT. She is amazing. First off, she listens to me. She actually seems excited to see me. I'm sure she isn't actually any more excited than for any of her other patients, but she acts as if she is. That makes me feel good and makes me want to work hard for her. It's like that guy at Dutch Bros.-Brandon. Sure I hate Dutch Bros. coffee but he knows my name and flirts with me which makes me feel fantastic so of course I occasionally buy his shit coffee when I need a self esteem pick me up.

But this is about Shawn, not coffee. Today I went in for my second appt. First off, she noticed right away that I had been practicing my exercises. She said that she can see that. She rewarded me by doing my massage first because my little stability muscles were in knots. When she was done she began the real reward. Or punishment actually because she put me up on one of those steps that is about 18 inches off the ground that the Biggest Loser contestants have to jump up onto. I got the pleasure of doing one legged squats off them. Right side, good. Left side, wobbly knee and crunching like movie theater popcorn. A "hum" out of Shawn followed by a "let's try lunges on the ground." Ok, I have been trying lunges to no avail since before the knee injury last summer but, ok. This time my knee sounded a bit more like a car that has blown a transmission. You know that sound when all the metal bits just sort of grind together. Nice.... "ICK" she says. "Let me try something". She cupped her hands around me knee and it was like.... nirvana. Pain and sound free. "I thought so" she says.

At that time she moves me to the massage table again. This time it is to tape my knee. She used the same taping I've been doing every time I run. (Almost every time). We try again, still crunch sounding but better. She gets that perplexed look she gets when I can tell she is trying to figure out why my body is so ridiculous. "I want to try a different taping." I'm game of course so this time she basically makes a sideways "V" across my knee cap. Actually the "V" is like the greater than sign, eating the knee cap. Yes, I think I like that analogy. Anyway, it was amazing. There was still some sound, but not like it was before. And I could lunge. LUNGE! Crazy I tell you.

I left the office with a fresh photocopy of instructions on how to tape it myself and two rolls of the tape I need. I headed out the office door and down the stairs in bliss. Wait...reverse that. I headed down the stairs in bliss. Like a normal person, not one step at a time, or sideways. No, for the first time in about 4 months, I took the stairs in the same style as a normal person. So I'm going to have a goofy tan line this summer from my tape, but damn, I can move like a normal person!

Yes, today I wanted to kiss a girl. Funny what pure happiness will do to you.


  1. Hurray! I'm so happy for your knee!!!! Does this mean you'll be wrapping it forever?

  2. Maybe, but probably not. Once everything is as strong as it should be I think I'll be ok. The problem was the inability to strengthen when one can't put much pressure on the knee in the first place!