Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can I get a matching cape?

So today was the long run day of the week. I have been dreading it since track day on Wednesday. As previously posted, it was a disaster. I even went and got a massage on Thursday after work as an attempt to undo the damage of Wednesday. The massage was only successful in aggravating other areas of my leg that hadn't previously hurt at all. My IT band which I have never even felt before was on fire all night Thursday and all day yesterday. My ankle which had been perfectly healed since last January crunched like a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal all day. I have never eaten so much ibuprofen in 48 hours trying to prepare for the long run of the week.

Last night I drug out my Chi Running video in an attempt to dramatically alter my gate so as to avoid heel striking. It looked too hokey, but I agreed to try and shorten my stride and strike lighter. I got out my compression sleves, went to bed and prayed to god that I could make it through the run.

All night I dreamed of running. I had special coaches, I was living in a studio apartment training my form. I was exhausted from all my running when my alarm went off.

I drug myself out of bed and headed to the coffee pot. My shin still hurt but not as bad as it had. I got ready and realized I hadn't tried my CWX compression tights my sister got me for my birthday. What the hell I though, why not. So I compression rolled myself into them. It was like wrestling a baby into a set of spanks to get them on. I'm slightly too short for the knee spot, but with a little adjusting it worked. I then decided to go for full aid and put the compression sleeve on my right shin to help in any way possible.

We headed to the group and as usual the groups quickly spread out. I needed to run a little slower this week, but still kept it at a jog rather than walk. Did my shin hurt, yes it did, but not as bad as at the track. Interestingly enough, my left knee (the bad one) and my right ankle also hurt, but all of it was tolerable and I finished the entire 5.3 miles in ok shape. It hurt initially when I stopped but after stretching out, I feel pretty good right now. I'm going to ice and ibuprofen again and stretch later, but I actually am somewhat hopeful at this point.

I'm pretty sure it was the tights. My new magical tights. If I could only get a cape to go with them I think I'd be set!

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