Monday, March 25, 2013


It's official. My coursework for my graduate program is completely done. I submitted everything last Thursday and today received grades for both final projects. I'm pleased with how it all turned out. However, I feel rather strange. It's almost surreal. I'm not totally done with everything because I still have to take my comprehensive exams in May so there is about 6 more weeks of this hoop jumping. I'm really nervous about getting those started, but I'm giving myself the entire spring break off from all things work and school. Still though, it feels weird today.

Yesterday I ran 12 miles. That was a pretty good start to spring break. I was really sore last night, but feel good today. I think I'm going to be ready for the Corvallis half which is just 3 weeks away. That time went by so fast, but then again, the past 12 weeks have been a blur of a life I was not in control of. It feels good to be holding the steering wheel again.

Today I should start my house projects. This poor dwelling has been painfully neglected for the last 3 months. We decided to go to the coast for a few days with my sister at the end of the week so I don't have as much time to drag my chores out like I usually do over a school break. I'm sure I'll feel much better when it is all done.

I guess I'll start with taking a shower. After all, it is after noon. Yikes.

Happy Spring Break!

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