Saturday, March 16, 2013

10 Good Things!

I've been so negative lately I've decided to take a brief reprieve from my school work to make a list of the great thing in my life right now.

1. Spring term ends in 4 days. They will be 4 insane, mad rush days but then it is OVER!

2. Family-My in-laws are here to visit. I was stressed about it, but it's really nice!

3. 6! Size 6 that is. As in two new skirts I picked up today are size 6. Woohoo!

4.  27- As in the waist size of my new jeans I found at the second hand store. They are my favorite brand ever "Paige" which I can't possibly afford new, but there they were and they fit.  $35 for $172 jeans. Boom goes the dynamite! Perhaps this stress has been good for my clothing size!

5. The 5th grade writing assessment is DONE and turned in to the principal. Back to teaching again!

6. Did I mention Spring Term ends on Wednesday???

7. Annie. She makes me smile every day!

8. Spring- It starts this week and I can't wait. Track season and more family time!

9.  Art- Gale is almost done with the "Rogue" print and I am beyond excited. I can't wait to have that boy back in our house again in beautiful form.

10. Spirit Week starts this week. I love dressing up with the kids. So fun!

OK, Technically that was only 9 but the fact that Spring Term ends on Wednesday counts for like 1 million good things.

Until Wednesday I'm out.  See you on the other side!


  1. You skinny winny! I'm so impressed! Hurray to you for making it through this term! You might even get the finished Rogue during break.

  2. Thanks Gale! I'm not actually done yet, waiting on some classmates to post their finals so I can review their work as our final assignment. Damn college kids.....get off my lawn!