Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Speedy Summer Days

I glanced at the calendar today and am in shock to learn that this is already the 21st. How did this happen? What happened to my lazy summer? I'm down to the last 3 days of my summer break.

I've been packing in the fun where I can. We spent a couple of days on the Metolious river last week with Sean's Dad and Crystal. It was beautiful and relaxing and a great time filled with humbling scrabble games and laughs. We must do that more often. Well, minus the scrabble game of course!

Unlike years past, this school year is a big change for me. I've actually ventured into my room a few times this month and I'm so glad I have. Every time I go I find myself more excited about the upcoming year. I'm in a new hall, on a new team and at a new grade level. I think it's just the ticket I needed to jump start my attitude about work.

M-Cat and I have not been fabulous about keeping the exercise train going. We've both been out of town off and on for the past month and getting into that running rhythm again has been a bit elusive. It will come again though. One thing I absolutely love about M is that no matter how much time has passed (think in terms of weeks and days, not years people, we aren't that far off), we can always get back on the same page and pick right back up where we left off. Melinda is my bright spot and I so appreciate her for that.

Annie is still the absolute best thing to happen to Sean and I in a decade. We are the happiest parents and can't believe the level of calm contentedness we now have in our family. Who knew one little dog could save our world.

I'm sure this sense of peace and calm I'm currently feeling will quickly be replaced by freaked chaos come Monday morning when I officially head back to work. For the time being though I'm going to bask in the happiness I feel. I haven't finished most of my summer house projects, and truth be told, I didn't even start most of them. I may try to through a few in between now and Monday. Or, perhaps I'll take Annie on a few more hikes, meet Melinda for a few more runs and get a pedicure.

I'm think I'm liking my 40s. I've kind of lost the need to give a shit about what I should be doing and loosening up a little. I've spent an awful lot of my life trying to control things that it seems aren't actually controllable. It's time to remember to stop and just breathe.

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