Monday, December 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Today I located the tops of several flat surfaces in my house. I have yet to drag the Christmas boxes out of the attic, nor hang anything but lights on the tree, but none the less I"m one happy camper.

Maybe it will be a minimalist Christmas at the Ross household this year. After all, it seems I'm not going to be hosting much other than a chubby border collie, a giddy like a kid spirit of my own, and a husband who works all week.

Maybe I'll concentrate on projects and a deep clean rather than decorating this year. Oh to smell something other than wet dog and trail shoes when we walk into the house!

All hail to Winter Break!



  1. Hey! I'll be without hubby after xmas for the week. Think we need to do a dog walk or something!
    Congrats on the found surfaces. Always a pleasant surprise!

  2. Sounds perfect! I have a dog who now has the energy to walk and more!