Thursday, June 3, 2010

Send in the clowns!

Oh wait, don't bother,they're here. 30 of them. It's official, it is June and you can tell without even looking at a calendar. It's in the air. The children are done. Never mind that we still have 9 days left of school. I believe if I chose not to show up for the final few days I expect the children wouldn't even notice.

The benefit of these last crazy days it that in spite of how hard I'm trying to continue to impart the missing pieces of third grade into their rapidly disintegrating brains, we do relax a bit and laugh a lot. One of the best things about teaching 3rd grade is that the kids are absolutely hilarious. Most often when they have no intention of being so. Just their commentary on life sends me into a battle within myself to maintain my composure so they don't see me laughing. You see, laughing with the children can be the kiss of death. Once you are all laughing there is no going back. So, for someone like me who has a hard time keeping a straight face at a funeral, it is exceptionally taxing this time of year.

So, I think of horrible things and try not to smile. I think if I can make it through the next 9 days it will be miracle.

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