Wednesday, June 23, 2010

M.S. Ed in Hoop Jumping

So how does one follow up a year like my first year at Timber Ridge? Why, by jumping right into summer school for my grad program of course.

Yes, I completed work on Thursday at about 3:30 and had exactly one day off before I started my grad program on Monday. To add insult to injury, I have classes from 8:30am until 4:00pm. Oh, and did I mention the windows don't open and the heating/cooling systems are right above my head. I can't hardly even hear the instructor.

There are two good things about my summer program. The first is Sam. Sam is a former co-worker from my old school who is also in the program. She is also a pretty damn fine human being so I enjoy her company. Misery loves company you know. The other thing is that this initial full -time hell only lasts for two weeks so once I make it through the next 8 days, I will at least have more time off. I still have one class, but it isn't as bad as this schedule.

So, is it worth mortgaging my future even further with student loans to get a Master's Degree in Education so that I can keep the job I already have? Well, logically, no it isn't. How the State of Oregon has determined that magically after teaching for 10 years I will no longer be fit nor qualified to teach any longer without this degree and thus they will no longer renew my certificate after that point is beyond me. You have to have a degree in politics to figure that one out.

Well then why are you doing this you ask? Why for the children of course. Yes I bitch, yes I moan about my job, the politics, the parents, the kids....blah..blah..blah...but that is just my nature. I'm crabby. But the thought that I couldn't do this job anymore? That is terrifying to me. I have never felt so "home" in any job in my life. Those kids and my ability to teach them and for them to teach me is what gets me out of bed and out the door on these beautiful sunny SUMMER days.

Do I like it? Hell no, but for those little pains in my ass I will continue to give up my summer, give up my future earnings to repay these student loans and pursue my degree in hoop jumping. Back in college...bring it!

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