Monday, February 11, 2013

The Gift of Time

Today I was summoned for Jury Duty. I was so excited about this prospect because I'm one of those dorks who looks forward to this opportunity. Unfortunately today was not the day it was going to happen for me. Luckily, because I already had a sub, I took advantage of the time and worked all day on my grad school classes.

I made a big list of items I wanted to get done. Um, yeah right. I crossed off about three of them. But then that's three more than if I would have gone to work or sat on a jury all day, so I'll take it. Plus, I got to help my sister out by picking Madeleine up after her after school club because Sarah has a nasty case of the creeping crud. Poor girl. I'm glad I was able to help out. It's one of those advantages to them moving back here.

Now Sean is home from work and I'm going to start my weekly ritual of batting my long eye lashes, flashing my cute smile and showing my dance moves to get him to help me with my last assignment for the week. Of course by "help me" I mean do it for me. Come on kids, uses your resources. It's a life skill.

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